BCX was originally started by Kevin Diggins. This project is a direct continuation of his great efforts. It is now completely open source and developed by a group.


BCX is a small command line tool that inputs a BCX BASIC source code file and outputs a 'C' source code file which can be compiled with many C or C++ compilers.

Using BCX and a C compiler enables you to produce powerful 32-bit native code Windows console mode programs, windows GUI applications, and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL's) without having to incur the costs of an expensive commercial BASIC compiler. The programs that you create will be among the smallest and fastest 32 bit executable programs around, requiring no additional distributed runtime modules.

Although BCX remains a work in progress, it is capable of some very powerful feats. Its ability to use Microsoft Windows structures, variables, and the powerful Win32 API, coupled with its ability to mix "C" code in a straight forward BASIC way, makes BCX a very powerful tool while retaining the relative ease of use by anyone familiar with modern BASIC programming.

BCX - The free Basic to C/C++ Translator BCX generates source code for these fine compilers:

  • Pelles C Compiler (Free For Professional Use)
  • LCC-Win32 C Compiler (Free For Personal Use Only)
  • Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler (Free for Professional Use)
  • Open Watcom C++ 1.3 Compiler (Free for Professional Use)
  • MinGW32 C++ Compiler (Free for Professional Use)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (Free for Professional Use)

Where to Get it

Yahoo Group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/bcx/
BCX Website http://www.bcxgurus.com/
Source Forge http://sourceforge.net/projects/bcx-basic/

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