BCX developers use SVN (Subversion) as their version control system for the source code of the BCX compiler and it's contributions. All source code files are saved on the SVN servers from SourceForge.

This is a short guideline on how to connect to BCX's SVN and how to retrieve all files from SVN.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly encouraged to ONLY use STABLE BCX builds if you want to develop end-user applications with BCX. Stable builds are available from the download page. Building BCX from SVN code can result in a unstable BCX, and therefore, a unstable end-user application if compiled with the unstable BCX. The code that is on SVN is ONLY for developers who are developing BCX itself. You have been warned ;-)

svn.exe Console Subversion Client
TortoiseSVN - GUI Subversion Client.
A great Subversion client is "TortoiseSVN". It's a freely available SVN client under the GPL license. TortoiseSVN can be downloaded from their web pages at http://tortoisesvn.net. Be sure to always use the latest of TortoiseSVN. BTW, this is true for ALL the tools you use. ALWAYS use the latest stable versions.
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